Intel Launches Arc A-Series Discrete Mobile Graphics

Intel Launches Arc A-Series Discrete Mobile Graphics

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Intel Arc GPUs Have Arrived

Intel has launched their Arc graphics product family – for laptops. No, we don’t have the desktop family just yet, but there are still the first discrete Intel Arc A-Series GPUs “to arrive from the graphics portfolio that will span laptops, desktops and workstations this year”.

Intel is launching three variants, with Arc 3, Arc 5, and Arc 7 graphics. At launch, just Intel Arc 3 will be available, with higher-end Arc 5 and Arc 7 laptops coming “in summer”. Don’t worry, however, as Intel says that “all products with Intel Arc A-Series GPUs are built on Intel’s new Xe High Performance Graphics microarchitecture, or Xe HPG for short, which was engineered from the ground up for gamers and creators”.  In other words, even entry-level Arc 3 will be a substantial advantage over integrated Xe-LP solutions in existing 12th-Gen notebooks.

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