The Surprising HP SSD FX900 Pro

The Surprising HP SSD FX900 Pro

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The InnoGrit IG5236 Rides Again

HP SSD chose not to go with a Phison E8 PCIe 4.0 controller on their FX900 Pro series, instead using an InnoGrit PCIe 4.0 controller, and they also went with Micron’s 176 Layer B47R Fortis Grade flash.  This mix of components was obviously a good choice as Tweaktown’s testing reveal the 2TB FX900 Pro could hit sequential reads of 4787MB/s and writes of 6703MB/s.  That places it firmly in the top of the pack, at least in synthetic benchmarks.

In the majority of tests, this drive is the best when it comes to reads but does fall a bit when you are writing data.  The drives that surpass it use a Phison controller and BiCS style flash.  It would be very interesting to see what the InnoGrit IG5236 would do if paired with BiCS flash,  As of now there do not seem to be any on the market, hopefully that will change in the near future.

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