AQIRYS Again? The Pulsar LS White 750W Non-Modular PSU

AQIRYS Again? The Pulsar LS White 750W Non-Modular PSU

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A SANR Design

There might be hundreds of models of PSU on the market, there are only a handful of companies which make them, including SANR, aka Casecom. TechPowerUp discovered that PSUs from Kolink and Aerocool often use SANR which makes it rare, but not unheard of.  The AQIRYS Pulsar LS White provides 750W of power with a single 12V rail and nothing lost due to the resistance a modular design entails … though you may end up with extra tails you need to fid in your case. 

TPU also mentions that SANR is known to provide good price to performance, and the Pulsar LS White is no exception.  If you can find it it will run you around $80, less on sale, and the performance will be acceptable.  The PSU is fairly loose on it’s voltage regulation, is missing several common features like overtemperature protection and has made some questionable cabling decisions as well.  While it does have a six year warranty this one doesn’t seem to belong on the top of your list for a serious build. though certainly useful if you are looking to build something on the cheap.

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