Monoprice Brings Affordable IZGO Displays To Market With Their Dark Matter Series

Monoprice Brings Affordable IZGO Displays To Market With Their Dark Matter Series

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In Conclusion

You made it to the end … or you skipped straight here in the hopes of getting a score and a definitive recommendation on whether to buy the Monoprice 27″ Dark Matter IZGO display.  Well, the journey here contains all the details, this is merely a summary of what we saw along the way.

The price Monoprice is charging for this monitor is somewhat higher than your average 27″ 1440p display which features Adaptive Sync and a high refresh rate.  If those are your only needs then perhaps it is not worth the extra money to upgrade from an IPS or VA panel to an IZGO-TFT display.  Then again, most of those displays top out around 165Hz at most, whereas this one can hit 180Hz, with the proper hardware driving it, if that is worth an extra $100 or so to you.

If those features above are just part of what you need however, suddenly this Dark Matter becomes a much better deal.  IZGO is rare these days outside of OLED panels and you can easily pay more than twice that for a display with similar specifications.  The visual quality of the display is noticeably superior to the VA panel I usually use, the contrast and overall responsiveness is unquestionable.  There is also the fact that even with this pixel density and brightness, it sips energy at 37 watts under full power, since the majority of display seem to post their power usage at 200 nits not the full 400 nits they are capable of, not to mention this displays lack of a backlight.

The stand might not be sufficient for your needs, but the extra price for a proper VESA arm is not much to ask and provides better adjustment capabilities than even the fancy stands packaged with other gaming displays.  It does add a bit of cost to the $350 you already spent, but will still be far less than you’d spend on other IZGO displays.

For usage mixed between business and pleasure, or for those that take the time to check out the environments in your game, it is honestly hard to beat the Monoprice Dark Matter IZGO 27″ display.  This may change as more companies adopt IZGO-TFT, but for now Monoprice is your best bet.

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