Whatcher Witcher 4 Predictions?

Whatcher Witcher 4 Predictions? – PC Perspective

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Assuming It Is Witcher 4, Not A Spinoff Or Prequel

CD Projekt have confirmed there will be a new game set in the world of the Witcher, though they are being rather cagey about what exactly they will be releasing.  We do know it will be made using the Unreal 5 Engine which means it will be visually impressive and should even be modder friendly thanks to that decision.  PC Gamer has a few guesses, including the obvious thought that you might play as Ciri, which could add some interesting new game mechanics if they don’t turn it into a quest for her to regain her teleportation abilities after mysteriously losing them at the start of the game.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN followed up on a different detail of the announcement, CD Projekt’s intention to start a “new, multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games“.  They confirmed this does not mean that the new game will not only be released on the Epic Game store, though they may launch it there first.  As well, they are not abandoning REDengine, it will still be used for Cyberpunk expansions.

We can only hope that the culture at CD Projekt has changed, and we won’t be gifted another game that is the product of crunched down programming time.  There has been quite a bit of negative feedback about this practice in the industry, not just because of the quality of the product but the effect it has on employees.  If they have paid any attention to their customers at all, then they should avoid that practice at all costs.

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