You’ve Heard Of AMD Radeon Super Resolution, Now You Can See It

You’ve Heard Of AMD Radeon Super Resolution, Now You Can See It

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Sebastian gave you all the details of the new Radeon Super Resolution AMD released to the public today, and TechPowerUp has provided some visuals.  They tested a variety of games, from FPS to RPGs at native 4k and using RSR to upscale 1440p on that same 4k display; RSR can do a lot but it can’t add more physical pixels to your display.  They captured screenshots and combined them so you can use the slider to see the visual differences between the native resolution and the upscaled 1440p.  

As RSR is a general purpose tool and not integrated into the game engine as FSR is, they expected to see distortions in the crosshairs, inventory items and other game assets but as you can see in the screenshots that is very much not the case.  FSR, and the soon to arrive FSR 2.0 should still be superior as it is integrated with the game engine, however the game needs to have included it, while SRS can upscale anything.

Take a look at the examples for an idea of how useful Radeon Super Resolution might be for you and your RDNA or RDNA2 card.

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