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When mining Ethereum cryptocurrency, AMD’s Radeon RX 6700XT video card showed a moderate result of -45-50 MH/s, which is much worse than the 60-65Mh/s shown by the previous generation RX 5700XT video card. This is mainly due to the reduction of the memory bus width from 256 bits to 192 bits, but the functions of the GPU itself have been significantly improved. It can be concluded that during Ethereum mining, the GPU power of the Radeon RX 6700XT video card is too large and can be reduced to the maximum.

In principle, everyone does this, reducing the core frequency to 1100-1150 Mhz instead of the standard 2500Mhz. The core voltage is also reduced to a minimum of 912mV instead of 1200mV, which is allowed by AMD driver adjustments.

On the contrary, the memory frequency of Ethereum mining is set to a maximum of 2150Mhz, and the Fast Timings option is enabled.

In this mode, the RX 6700XT video card generates 47-48Mh/s power and consumes 105-110W.

Say a good result, but what if you can reduce the power consumption of the video card by 10-15W without taking tricky measures without losing the hash rate?

To this end, we will have to bypass the minimum voltage limit of the GPU chip connected to the VBIOS. What to accomplish in 5 minutes.

For this, we need the GPU-Z program to download the modified BIOS of the video card.
The second program is MorePowerTool, you need to change the BIOS.

Step-by-step instructions for “more powerful tools”:

1. Select a video card in the installed list

2. Load the VBIOS downloaded via GPU-Z

3. On the “Power and Voltage” tab, replace 912 with 600 as the minimum voltage GFX, and replace 825 with 600 as the minimum voltage SOC.

4. Click the “Write SPPT” button (write to BIOS)

5. Restart the computer

After restarting the AMD Adrenalin video card control program, enable the GPU Tuning and Advanced Control options.

We set the minimum GPU frequency to 500Mhz and choose the maximum in the range of 1100-1150Mhz, or you can keep the previously selected GPU frequency while looking for the best setting without changing the VBIOS.

In our case, the driver of the AMD Radeon RX 6700XT video card itself sets the GPU voltage to 675mW, which reduces the power consumption of the video card from 110W to 95W. At the same time, the hash rate remains in the same range of 47-48Mh/s.
important! When the voltage on the GPU decreases, its temperature decreases, so the speed of the cooling system fan decreases. The fan speed depends on the GPU temperature. On the other hand, due to the decrease in the cooling airflow rate, the temperature of the storage operating in the limit mode increases. Therefore, please make sure to check how the video card’s cooling system cools the video card’s memory after making changes, and if necessary set a fixed fan speed or increase the fan control curve in the same position of the AMD Adrenalin driver.

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